Showers of Peace

You start the day with
Hurricanes of condemnation and loathing.
With every step you take,
You fall deeper and deeper
Into the pit.

This destructive, destroying world
And all its helpless people
Have taught you to be ashamed
Of what you’ve done, said, thought,
Of who you are.

When you look around you,
When you see your environment,
All you see is shadows.
Darkness pervades the air.
Desperation invades your heart.

Something inside you sparks. I have to get out of here.
You gather all the energy you can muster,
And you run.
You leave the desolate behind
Heading for what, you do not know.

Up ahead, you see something new coming,
And you’re fearful of the cloud bearing toward you.
You’ve left the terror-wind behind
For what?
To be caught up again in what you cannot control?

Cleansing waters now compete for your attention–
Showers of mercy and grace,
But the weight of this rain is not oppressive.
A misting peace fills the air.
It lifts you, coaxes you, out of the dust.

You float easily with the rising tide
Like the donkey stepping up with every shovel-full of dirt,
You can wile your way out of this mess.
But when you reach the top,
You find a smiling face full of love.

This giant looks down at you and says,
At last, I’ve found you.
His voice carries the tone of a thousand Valentine’s hearts.
His smile awards your soul with the deepest kind of joy
You’ve never had the privilege of dreaming could ever exist.

And He tells you,
Let me bring you home,
Dear One.

And you answer,
Yes, Papa, please.


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